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Contacts: 164


Amphora: 32

Amphitrite 43: 45

Amphitrite MS 45: 3

Other: 84

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trottamar.pdf(??? Kb)Downloaded 3341 timesDownloadHyperlink

Paper published in Bateau n°222 in November 1976 about the Amphora

Bateau 222 Amphora.pdf(??? Kb)Downloaded 3900 timesDownloadHyperlink

Paper published in Voiles et Voiliers  n°62 in april 1976 about the Amphora compare to Amphitrite

Amphora-Voiles-et-voiliers-62-1976(??? Kb)Downloaded 1188 timesDownloadHyperlink

Henri%20WAUQUIEZ.pdf(??? Kb)Downloaded 3095 timesDownloadHyperlink

Paper published in Yackting in December 1985

Yachting85.pdf(350.21 Kb)Downloaded 947 timesDownloadHyperlink

Paper published in Yackting in october 1984

Yacking.pdf(1 334.95 Kb)Downloaded 915 timesDownloadHyperlink

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Perkins 4.154 Electrical Schematics.pdf(256.95 Kb)Downloaded 3036 timesDownloadHyperlink

Perkins 4.154 Marine Supplement.pdf(1 136.79 Kb)Downloaded 2909 timesDownloadHyperlink

Perkins 200 Series Workshop Manual.pdf(5 805.17 Kb)Downloaded 3201 timesDownloadHyperlink

Wauquiez Electrical Schematics.pdf(179.09 Kb)Downloaded 2765 timesDownloadHyperlink

Manual%20Neco%20NM%20692.pdf(??? Kb)Downloaded 3339 timesDownloadHyperlink

SIMRAD%20AP26%20-%20notice%20technique%20(F).pdf(??? Kb)Downloaded 2816 timesDownloadHyperlink

entretien%20Perkins%20Prima%20M50.pdf(??? Kb)Downloaded 3443 timesDownloadHyperlink

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Croisière méditerranéenne sur un Amphitrite, accomplie à partir de mai 2007 du nord-ouest de la Sardaigne (ALGHERO) à la côte lycienne de la Turquie (FINIKE) en compagnie d'équipiers pittoresques.

R%E9cit%20de%20croisi%E8re%20R.pdf(??? Kb)Downloaded 2782 timesDownloadHyperlink

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