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A site which explain how to use this one

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This site is meant to help exchanging our experience and our boats’. It seemed t o us interesting to share as many pictures as possible showing the arrangements and modifications that, time running, were realized on those great boats. After more than 30 years lifetime, and after being owned by several imaginative skippers, the results may be worth sharing.

The site is only starting, and we are so far only a handful. Numerous images we have come from the web, particularly in the case of Amph’orama. Publish them on this site raises the question of image ownership. We apologize if you find your photos and/or boat without your explicit permission. We often can not know where the boats are, and cannot get in touch with the owners. Upon request, we will remove, change for a better picture, or add the caption you wish. And we encourage you the join us !

On the long run, we hope to have enough members for their boats to be representative of the whole.

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In the left column, below the coloured figures, “Online Members” tells you who is connected. Click on the envelope next to the name to send a message. If he does not answer, he probably uses several


When someone answers, an icon blinks in the left column. To check your mail, click on “my mail” upper left and you get 2 tables, sent and received messages. The read, click on the magnifier. “Answer” is located below the message.

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First phase: create an account (without you can’t do much)



To create an account, click on “be a member” to the left of the screen and give an identifier (be careful, it is case sensitive), a password (don’t forget it), an email address, you can also chose an icon which will appear when you contribute to the forum. Then Enter. It is always possible to modify the data later.


Each time you connect, Identifier and password should be mentioned in the left column. Your navigator may offer to remember them automatically.


In your mailbox, you will get a message requesting to confirm simply clicking on a link. Simple!



Second phase : Check the ID card of your boat


After you login (Identifier + password), click on your boat’s name (left column), scroll down and click on the icon “Modify”. A capture screen opens and you can modify the text, and add missing information.

If you feel like it, do the same for the French version 



Do not forget to save your modifications. Then you can check that all went fine by clicking on your boat’s name in the left column.

If your boat’s name does not show up, you have to create the ID card (see above).



Second stage (bis): create your boat’s ID card



After you login, (Identifier + password), click on « Admin » in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll find numerous folders in “Administration de donnees”. We are interested in the folder “Articles”. Click on the folder, you will find the list of all articles about the boats recorded in our database.

To create your boat:

a)               click left on “ecrire un article” at the top of the page

b)               chose, in front of the language flag, “Amphora” or “Amphitrite” using the scrolling menus

c)               write in “titre de l’article” the name of your boat

d)               Choose the correct template according to the type and the language

e)              register the informations about your boat

f)                valid at bottom of the page


To get support, ctrl + left click on the following addresses:
Farid ( – Mindelo (




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Insert a photo on the site 


The process involves two stages.


First the photo has to be loaded on the server of the website

Then the picture that was loaded in the photo’s folder of the site has to appear where you want to have it in the site (e.g. in the ID card of your boat or as an illustration of a forum)


How to proceed for the first step?


Your picture is in a folder or sub-folder of your computer. It is a file, not a folder or sub-folder. Often the access path looks like C: users name My documents Pictures …

But it can be anything depending on your personal classification system.


In order to be able to find the pictures easily on the server,

- load the pictures in a subfolder (normally something like photo/AmphoraSloop/boatsname. If the folder does not exist, create it or ask us to do so.

- It is best to give a self-understanding name for your picture’s files. Always starting with the boat’s name (no accent, upper case, no space, no comma etc, only -, lower case for the extension e.g. .jpg)



e.g. mindelo-juin2007-cagliari or enomis-ete2008-cockpit or larochejaquelein-annexe


If you have several pictures, add a number at the end of the file’s name.


E.g. gavroche-automne2006-baltique1 and gavroche-automne2006-baltique2, etc. or mandalay-moteur1 and mandalay-moteur2, etc


Respecting such rules will help once our database will increase in size.


Reduce the size of pictures with image processing software. With too heavy pictures, the connections will slow down and the server will be saturated.



The size of a picture should be between 50 and 300 Ko (whereas modern digital cameras produce images 10 times larger.


The proceed to loading your pictures:


a) open the site http//

b) login (Identifier+password)

c) clic left on “admin” (upper left corner)

d click left on the folder “Fichiers” below

e) At the top, next to the word “Repertoires”, use scrolling menu to chose your boat’s name

f) Click left on “Parcourir”

That is where you go to get the picture on your computer



i) Click left on “Charger sur le site”. If all went well, your picture is copied from your computer to the server

j) if you click on your photo’s icon, it shows in your list of photos




How to proceed for the second step?


The picture is on the server, you have to insert it where you want on the site.


For example you may want to add a photo of your boat in her ID Card


Same path as to fill the ID card: admin + icon “articles” + line of your boat. Windows popup (for both languages) and above each a set of icons. Move the mouse on the icons, you will get an explanation of the editing functions.



Lhe leftmost icon (a mountain top with a sun) is what we need: “Insert/modify images”.




Click left on this icon. A new window appears “Image properties”. Click left on “Parcourir le serveur”. A window “Repertoire” opens. A vertical arrow allows to chose between img or photos ; chose photos. Click left on the type of your boat amphitrite43, amphitritems45, amphoraketch, amphorasloop; click left on your boat’s name. You get the list of pictures you loaded on the server. Click on th photo you wish to insert in your article, it turns red. That’s it, the photo appears on your screen. You can remove it by typing del when you modify your article.


Do not forget to save your changes clicking “enregistrer” at the bottom of the page.


Note: when you are in your photos folder, three icons allow you to open the picture, to rename it, and to erase it from the server.

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