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le 27/02/2020 > 17:44
par kkolehma


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I saw there was a question about the Amphitrite stern window size. I would be also interested to know that as well as the thickness of the plexiglass glass. The boat I have has very badly grazed portholes and stern windows so I plan to replace those, but would like to know the thickness of plexiglass so that I know to get right size material.

Kari Kolehmainen

Farid al Bahrli

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le 27/02/2020 > 18:37


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I know it is a hard work to replace windows, but I don't have information on the size.
If you look close to the window, I would say no more than 5 mm.
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le 13/10/2020 > 15:55
par farid


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Sorry for the late response. I changed all the portholes on my boat. It's quite a long job. It takes 4 hours per porthole because you have to disassemble also inside to reach the nuts of the screws and you have to carefully remove the old silicone. moreover it is imperative to be two during the assembly. the Plexiglas is 8mm and even 10mm for those at the stern (altuglass bronze color). personally I put 8 everywhere. the straight cut is easy with a circular saw and the curved cuts can be done with a jigsaw equipped with a special PMMA blade. Hubert (zub)

Farid al Bahrli

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